You’ll Find A Treasure If You Look Closer

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    You’ll Find A Treasure If You Look Closer

I needed to get some recharging from Nature that I decided to head for the beach. Another reason is that I wanted to capture Bali’s Sunset with my Olloclip lenses.

To my amazement, I was not the only who wanted to witness Bali’s Sunset. It was so crowded! There was a group of people who played soccer, and another group who was practising martial arts, couples, sate sellers, families, etc.

It was quite difficult to take a picture of the sun with an Iphone without capturing anyone who passes in between the sun and I.

So I decided to change strategy. I took out the macro lens from my olloclip and started to look for other objects. Since the easiest thing available was the sand, so I took a picture of it. To my awe, the result of the picture is this picture. Of course it doesn’t have the writing on it, but look at those beautiful colorful crystals!

I was so amazed to look at the close up picture of the sand that it hit me on the head….hey! This is how we miss a lot of things in this life, it’s because we don’t take time to take a closer look of what things are made off. That is why a lot of us are so depressed, unhappy and miserable!

Have we taken the time to take a closer look at ourselves? I don’t mean about looking at our physical self through the mirror. But looking at what lies inside of each one of us. We should be like the sand, we are made up off beautiful colorful crystals…a real treasure.

We have been conditioned to look at ourselves from the outside…at the outerworld. Not a lot of us look at the inside. I mean…what’s there to look at? It’s dark and no stimulation for the senses. Exactly!

We are so used to with the noises, visuals, tastes of the hustle bustle of the busy outer world that darkness and silence just scares a lot of us. I guess we forget that one can only recognize and see the light in darkness.

Why do I connect depression and unhappiness with all this? It’s because a lot of us are still disconnected with our true self. We are crying for the loss of our so called ‘treasure’ of; childhood, loved ones, relationships, jobs, wealth, memories, etc – and we seek all of that from our outer world. We forgot to look closer at ourselves of what we are really made off. We may be like the sand i described, consisted of a precious thing. We never seek within.

If we only take a closer look at ourself, we will find a treasure within. Hiw do we do that? Start by closing our eyes and limiting ourselves from any sense stimulation that excites us too much. This is the Only way to access it. People call it meditation, it is a process where we start listening to ourself….the real Self and not to our Ego.

Read more books about it, gain more knowledge about it. Start the journey within. It will take time, patience and practise. You will only be good t anything if you practise. Get to know yourself and get acquainted with yourself. Soon, you will discover a treasure within…

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