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We Are All Wired Up To The One Source


I was always wondering how can we really prove that the whole being is connected with The One Source. Connected to The One Consciousness. Well, let me tell you about my experience. One day I was joking and teasing a good friend of mine. We go along way back the two of us. It seems that we could talk about anything. Literally about anything. However, since we have been separated by time, I guess we have “missed” out of some updates about one another. When I by having no intention of hurting her just kept on bombarding her with the jokes and teasing. However I noticed that she litteraly froze after I have mentioned a word. So without me realizing at first, kept on laughing, I suddenly stopped laughing in the most awkward way. I just reminded me of those scenes in the film when someone just turn into a frozen chilled frown while looking at the other person laughin like an ass. Well, I guess that was the scene that happened between my friend, Bella, and I.

I could feel like a frozen staligtite of ice dropping from out of nowhere. After managing to recompose myself in the most awkward throat clearing way, I finally managed to utter a word,

” Did I say something wrong?”.
D-uh, it doesn’t take a genious to know that I have definetely said something wrong.

” I was joking….Hey, can’t we joke anymore?”
There was this most uncomfortable silence at first.
Finally she spoke,

” Yes, but not about that one.”
I guess her silence is also that she was wondering why is she felling so touchy about that certain issue. So she finally managed to explain.

” I don’t know why I get so sensitively touchy about that issue. I will have to work on it”.

” I am really sorry. I didn’t realize it was something so touchy with you” said I profusely apologizing. It was a meeting that we haven’t had since a long time. I had to ruin it with my stupid jokes.

” It’s okay. I’ll have to work on myself on it. But forgive me too that I don’t feel like talking anymore for the moment. I need to leave first”, said she in an a gaze that looked far away.

With that she left and I felt like the most idiot in the entire universe. At first, I was feeling a bit offended that she had to leave in such a way and make me feel guilty about it.

” Hey man, you were teasing me like hell and I was not offended at all. So why do YOU have to FEEL bad?”, the ego was so noisy in my head. However, I let her leave and also not stopping to apologize.

This is when I realized that we are CONNECTED to THE ONE SOURCE. I managed to understand what the word ” God is in everyone of us. If you hurt a person, that means we are also hurting The One that is inside us too”.

After she left, I felt such a sharp pain in the middle of my chest. I believe it is what is called the psychic heart.

” Whoaa…where did this pain come from?”, I was wondering while I was rubbing my chest. But then, I just realized that the feeling was not entirely mine. It belonged to Bella! Upon realizing this, I felt so bad…. I was feeling that pain as to what Bella was feeling.

This is when I realized that we are CONNECTED to THE ONE SOURCE. I managed to understand what the word ” God is in everyone of us. If you hurt a person, that means we are also hurting The One that is inside us too”.

The catch is, we can only feel this if our Ego has stopped to become noisy in our head. I also realized that while joking and teasing, my ego was going for the “kill” of who can make the other person be defeated by the joke without having any intention of harming. Because after all it is a game of joking and teasing. So that incident made me learn AGAIN that when the Ego is silent, the Consciousnes takes over….only then one can realize that we are all WIRED up to that ONE SOURCE.

If you want to see something more in extreme, watch this short documentary.

It’s All About Mind Training!

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    It’s All About Mind Training!

Have you ever awoken to the same thoughts over and over again for the course of almost everyday? And most of the thoughts that reoccur are mostly negative thought. Isn’t that horrifying?!

Well, I first did not realise it for years. Several years ago on a fine one day, I woke up with the same reoccurring thoughts about my anger towards a beloved one. The thoughts would linger even until I was having my breakfast, and worse… it would continue throughout the day if my mind was not kept busy with other things. I was so engrossed with the train of thought. Trying to rationalise, look for more faults so that the blame and anger would be justified. And if the feeling of anger subsides, I would still find excuses and reason to validate my anger towards that person.

That is how the mind works. That is what the Ego wants to hang on to. Did you know that we have circa 60000-70000 thoughts per day and 90% of the are negative thoughts? And these 90% of the negative thoughts plays in the head like a broken record player everyday! Ironically is that every thought you think and every word you say is an affirmation.

When I realised this, I knew I had to make a stop to it. Then I discovered that those negative thoughts became automatic, that is why some people would call it as Automatic Negative Thoughts (ANTs). I read about this is in an article which was taken from an Australian yoga magazine. If those negative thoughts appeared automatically, that means I have developed a habit for it. If it is a habit, then it could be my character. And if it became my character, that would become my destiny. Whoa….no way will I have such kind of destiny! No-uh!

So, I had to stop this bad habit by training my brain to lessen those negative thoughts. That’s where I came about to be acquainted with meditation. It is strange that at first I was not too keen on the word meditation. Because I heard from a lot of people that meditation is like a ritual for a certain religion. Yeah right! Those people who talks in that sense means that they need to open up their horizon and start reading and discovering a whole new world of the neuroscience.

Meditation is not religion! I like the explanation that meditation is not religion by Deepak Chopra and Oprah Winfrey in this interview

Meditation is not about levitating or will be in conflict your religious beliefs. Because in all religions meditation exists. The monks do it, the Sufis do it, etc. I would say that meditation is actually a form of “mind training”. It is true that a lot of people are apprehensive to the word because it is something “new” in the western world of psychology which is adopted by the whole world. But I remember a quote by Carl Jung, “What the East knows about the human mind is at least 2000  years ahead of western psychology”. So, you know how it is. People are afraid of the things that they don’t know. But once they are well informed, the fear disappears.

Let’s go back to “mind training”. The habit that I have developed in thinking of the same things over and over again for everyday in my certain period of life means it is a form of a repetition that reoccurs. So the only antidote to is to train the mind to not think that way. It is quite and exhausting job If I were to try to block all those negative thoughts that comes in my mind. The thing I need to do is not to directly grab the mind and try to tame it. There is another of a more simple way, and that is through controlling the breathing. When we are able to control our breathing, automatically we control the mind! A-ha!

You see, there’s such a clear connection between the breathing and the brain – which is used to express the mind. I will talk more on that in my next article. To make the story short, when I have succeeded in training the mind, I can catch glimpses of the thoughts. And the more I control my breathing, the thoughts lessened. And then when that happens, I was able to reprogram my old pattern of thinking negative thoughts :)

Therefore, I would recommend that everyone should be thought mind training. It breaks the pattern of negative self talk too. Imagine what life could be if we rid of all those negative self talks and negative thoughts. Life would be like a breeze…


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