Change Your Life by Just Changing The Way You Breathe

Really? How can my life be changed just by changing my breathing? Yea….right!
She’s trying to sell something. It can’t be that simple.

Well, surprise…surprise. Yes, it is actually that simple. But this so called human Ego just feels so insulted with simple answers. Because the Ego always think they are smart and it needs to have complicated solutions.

Let me tell you my story. I was suffering depression for a very long time and 14 years of insomnia. Depression does not come alone, it always comes with it’s company such as insomnia, chorinic sinus, chronic peptic ulcers, anxiety, panic attack, headaches, body aches, fatigue, nausea and the long list of it. I always thought I was always short of breath. And when I do realise this, the anxiety comes. It was really hell.

Then one day I read a book by Anand Krishna, who is now my Spiritual Master, which says that each time we take a breath, the heart beat beats 3 times, and the brain pulses 9 times. So when I finally joined his meditation class, I noticed that my breath was really very shallow and short. No wonder I could not focus on anything even while watching TV! I had a hard time following the story. This is because my brain pulse was so fast and that means there so many thoughts going on in my mind which creates this misery. If I were to visualise what my mind must be looking like, it can be like this picture below. Completely crowded and jammed!

Thanks to him, my life has changed through the breathing! We have all taken our breath for granted. Because it has always been there like the heart beats, like sun that rises every morning. Changing the way we breathe is not like something that people can take up and understand easily such as cahnging our diet or excersice. I mean, no one would really expect that to improve our lives means to improve and change the quality of our breath.

Since thousands of years ago, the yogis practice Pranayama to reach a certain condition of the mind and body. Now adays, people recognise pranayama as breathing practice in yoga classes. Actually it is more to that. Pranayama, which means the extension of life force in Sanskrit, is the process of managing the life force. We would all die without breathing. We can age and deteriorate our mind and body faster if we don’t know how to regulate nor manage our breath. Breathing should be done from the abdomen and not only the chest. This is what causes short breath.

Breathing can give a significant impact on our wellbeing. It can reduce stress levels, lowers blood pressure, stimulate brain growth, regulate blood pressure, increase capacity to focus, rejuvenating, and many more. So the slower we breathe, the calmer we are and the clearer our mind is. You see, it is difficult to get hold of the mind, but it is easier to get hold of the breath and manage it. Who can catch a monkey mind? Just catch the breath! A normal pace of human breathing is around 12-14 cycles per minute. If we are to connect it with animals such as a dog, they breathe 20-30 cycles/minute. This equates to when we are angry. And dogs lives upto 10-20 years. A monkey breathes around 32-36 cycles/minute. This equates to when we are depressed, anxious and sorrow. That is why monkeys only live upto 18-23 years. If we want to live long and healthy, this would mean slower breath like the turtles, 4 cyscles/minute and they live upto 150 years! Well, we don’t have to breath only 4 cycles/minute (otherwise we would be very slow pokes 😉 )we are not made for that but yes…the yogis can do it.

I am now having a wonderful and healthy life thanks to changing the way I breathe. So change the way you breathe and only you can change your life. How do we go about that? Through yoga and meditation. Learn more about yoga and meditation at

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