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Giulia, Jyoti, and Maya: Victims, victors and healers

Activists from a women’s anti-violence movement hold a banner reading “Eradicate sexual violence? There must be a way!” during a protest against sexual harassment and violence against women on campuses, outside the Education and Culture Ministry in Jakarta on Feb. 10, 2020. (AFP/Adek Berry)

Julia Suryakusuma (The Jakarta Post) PREMIUM Jakarta   ●   Wed, November 29, 2023

Whenever I am introduced to an Italian, my opening gambit is “I became a woman in Italy”. It sounds a bit titillating, but it only means I was there from the age of 13 to 16, a period normally associated with coming of age.

In Rome, where my parents were posted at the Indonesian Embassy, my growing awareness of being a budding young woman was heightened by so much male attention. Wanted or unwanted, I figured, there are worse places to become a woman!

However, a few days ago I read about huge demonstrations all across Italy on Saturday, related to the murder of a woman by her ex-boyfriend. Wow, this is so far removed from my experience in Rome, when cat-calls or wolf whistles, a daily part of my life in the Italian capital, were annoying but harmless.


“How was your Energy Soul Reading session with Ma Archana?”

Amazing… Very interesting things came out.
(Tati-Russia, Jan. 2019)

Hi ms thankyou, it was great, i wish i could have talked longer.
Thank you for the advice!
(Steviani Hidajat-USA, June 2018)

Everything was fine. She is very good, really. Soon I’m going to Bali, and thank you for everything
(Irina Gladysheva-Russia, June 2018)

The session yesterday was great. Very interesting
(Oksana Dvornyk-Ukraine, April 2018)

It was amazing!!
(Michelle Elizabeth Surjaputra-Jakarta, Jan. 2016)

Wonderful Healing Experience

You don’t want to miss this majestic little treat in Kuta. If you would like to get away and need a place not too far from the airport, this is definitely for you. From the small accents in the simple rooms (I love incense) to the touches of love in the tea, and breakfest- smiles from the devoted team (Fera, and Wayan and everyone else) you will find that you have arrived home.

I wish I had more time there! Archana was incredible, i had been with many spiritual healers in the past- and she is definitely skilled at your needs, take the time to explore the grounds, holistic spa (very different connecting many spiritual modalities- which I loved). Will be back to visit the school :-) enjoyed my time with you all!
(Neetha Bhusha-India/USA, Tripadvisor-Feb 2015)

Till We Met Again

It feel like I am leaving my home in Bali today, which gives me sad feeling and makes me emotional. I had an amazing time here and made possible by you all. Therefore my sincere gratitude.

Ma Archana, I thank you for helping me getting my energy that belongs to me, back. I can write more, but I will just say – our session has helped me in that way I’ve always been longing for.

Thank you all for making me feel again, for making me – me again, making me grow and much more! And I mean it from the bottom of my heart, with tears in my eyes.

I will miss you, I will miss this beautiful place that felt like home because of you. Time to put all that learned from you in my daily life!
Till we meet again!

Namaste, Aum Svasti Astu
(With Love, Bianca-Netherlands, March 2019)

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