A Blessed Morning Beach Walk

I have nothing against treadmills. But every time when i walk on it, it just reminds me about “samsara”, the cycle of life and death. Repeating the same things over and over again without going anywhere. Or maybe a treadmill would be like…it is not the destination that matters, but the journey itself. Well, the way I see it, we’re still walking on the spot. 

So I decided to go for my morning walk..out! I just told myself, let me go where these legs will take me. I switched on my music, Runkeeper and started to walk by looking down on the road…not ahead. I guess I was doing a Zen walk meditation. I watched my steps and my breathe. 

30 minutes and 11 km later, I realised I have reached Kuta Beach. I guess I have been conditioned to head for the beach. I was accompanied by Deva Premal’s Tumare Darshan Ki Bela all through the journey. I had moments during the walk when I was reminiscing beautiful moments when the Meeting of Love Happened. Magical moments when The Beloved is all you can see and experience. Beautiful…

When I reached the beach, I was just savoring the quietness of the morning sea breeze. Even though Kuta Beach is not the most beautiful bech you can find, but when you are immersed in beauty, all you can see is beauty. I took of my flipflops and started to feel the soft grainy sands on my bare feet making me feel more at peace with each steps I took. But when the ipod started to change the song to Maula Mere Maula by Roopkumar Rathod from the album Teri Diwani, I just couldn’t resist myself and started to turn counter clock wise with both hands spread out, one facing the sky and the other facing the earth, just like the whirling dervish. I wasn’t even aware anymore by the presence of others, it was just The Beloved… Truth, God and Beauty. Expansiveness was all there was…

I would like to thank my Master, Swami Anand Krishna, who have shown me #innerjourney, finding the Peace inside me. Without my encounter with him in this life, it would have taken me so much longer in finding this Peace. I was always falling, stumbling, bleeding all along my Path. But he reminded me that  even if this life is “samsara”, where the word “sengsara” in bahasa Indonesia derives from, just look at the life of the Sufis, the Saints, the Avatars, the Messiahs… they too bleed in their Path. But they bleed for the Higher Causes and not for the lower causes such as greed, jealousies, desires, ambitions, anger and etc. 

I pray always, may The Lord, Allah SWT, Ishwar guide me always and that mayball living beings be freed from misery and live happily…Peace, Peace, Peace…


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